OK, You make a home movie with your boyfriend and it ends up on the internet.  You're embarrassed.  Your mother  sees it.  But hey, shit happens.

We thought Pam Anderson had learned her lesson when the whole world got to watch her exploits with husband Tommy Lee.  But no.  Here she is back in action with Bret Michaels.
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Poor Paris Hilton.  She has a gazillion dollars.  Maybe if she had given a few of them to Shannon Doherty's ex-husband Rick Solomon he wouldn't have sold their memorabilia.
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On the other hand, you are a very successful mainstream actress.  Some respected director comes to you and says you would be perfect for the role in a new movie.   The only catch is that for the sake of art you have to blow some guy on screen.  What the Fuck were they thinking?

Shakespeare actress Elisabetta Cavallotti played Moana Pozzi, the Italian pornstar who died of cancer in "Guardami" then quietly returned to the stage.
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Oscar nominee ChloŽ Sevigny has a reputation for being a little unconventional.  Blowing Vincent Gallo in "The Brown Bunny" was just part of a day's work.
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"Intimacy" won the Golden Bear for Best Film at the 2001 Berlin Film Festival where lead actress Kerry Fox also won the Best Actress Award.
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Maruschka Detmers is a beautiful actress who controls the film "Devil in the Flesh" and those characters surrounding her...they feed off her cinematic talent.
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